India loves tea and we love bringing it to you in the most convenient, hygienic and cost-efective way. We believe, as calming as a cup of tea can be, as easy it should be on the pocket! Tea in India is a sentiment, hence, we make sure your cup is brewed using good quality ingredients. In India, every little distance witnesses a change in its water, people and their tastes. Being aware of this constant change, we have ensured that with every cup served, we maintain consistent quality, taste and aroma.

Hygiene and ambience seem to have become a luxury for a select few. It is ironic that a simple every-day drink is not blessed with both. Choosing hygiene and ambience doesn’t come easy on the pocket, and certainly not everyone is intrigued enough to explore the options of our road-side servings. We have identifed this mismatch and believe to have overcome it. Chai Central ensures hygiene, ambience and price, all whilst meeting industry standards.

Quality ingredients are a must. We source completely fresh ingredients, with no indulgence in packaged snacks or artifcial favours. We serve our drinks in earthen containers (Kullars), that maintain the taste and quality of the product, keeping it free of contamination.


Tea Tales

As the saying goes, stories are best enjoyed over a cup of tea. Our tea too, has a tale to tell. Our need for precision, our passion for the perfect cup of tea, took us to Assam! The quest for the best aroma and taste, along with a long shelf life, pleasantly ended in Assam. Interactions with the locals, tea pickers taking us through the nuances of tea production, our introduction to the know-how, and other unexplored experiences became the “Tea Tales” that we absolutely cherish. Our stores exhibit some of the lesser known facts of every day drink, TEA.


We call this entire experience process ‘Pick to Sip’. Fresh hand-picked leaves, free from artifcial favorings, keeping the ingenuity intact and delivering a consistent refreshing taste across. The dexterous art of tea preparation coupled with timing and consistency, is the center of our entire operation, justifying the name ‘Chai Central’.
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